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SIA BELLAGIO offers laser engraving and laser cutting services.

Laser engraving on wood is a quick and simple way to CREATE, DECORATE AND PERSONALISE wooden gifts.

During the process of engraving, the laser beam evaporates a thin layer of material from the surface of the item, creating a relief of desired depth.

If wood is coated by paint or lacquer, laser takes off this layer and bares the natural colour of wood underneath.

Depending on the type of wood, colour of engraving can be different - from pale yellow till dark brown, nearly black. By changing the intensity of the laser it`s possible to get different engraving shades on the same kind of wood.

The advantages of laser engraving:
1. The whole process is controlled by a computer, which allows to make even the most detailed & complicated images with a high level of precision and accuracy.

2. There`s no need for additional stages, like making of a cliche or special preparation of surface.

3. The image or text won`t fade or ware off even after a long time.

4. Exclusivity: even 2 items with the same design won`t look exactly alike, because of different shades and patterns of wood.

Combining laser engraving and laser cutting we can create beautiful & unusual gifts, which will surprise your clients, colleagues or business partners.